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Refashioning women’s shirt into girl’s dress

September 21, 2009

Dana Made It had a very creative idea to take a women’s tank and convert to a toddler dress.  With so many projects on my to do list,  i wasn’t sure i would tackle this for awhile.  Then i came across this shirt on the Target clearance rack for under $3  .

Tube top

The first thing i did was take both seams apart on either side.  Then i measured around my daughters chest and cut the shirt half the circumference plus an 2 inch, to give some wriggle room & seams.  After measuring the total length i wanted the dress to be, i cut off the “waistband” piece they had and cut the main dress.  The main fabric plus the waistband was the total length i wanted. Since i don’t have a serger, i zig-zagged both edges and then sewed them right sides together. Then i pinned the bottom waistband back onto the bottom of the dress and sewed.  Finally, with the scrap fabric left over i made shoulder straps. Using one of my daughters tank shirts as measurement for placement of the straps. And here is what turned out-  (I would love to see other ideas of refashioning clothing, if you have blog with ideas or email me and I can post them)

Like the jelly on my face!

Like the jelly on my face!

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  1. January 10, 2010 10:08 pm

    I love this…it makes the perfect little dress for that darling little girl! Thanks for entering it in the El Cheap-O Challenge!


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