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I hear Christmas bells….

October 19, 2009


i know, i know, it is only October- not even Halloween yet. But i am getting started on my Christmas gift list, which this year has many gifts that i am making.  So many ideas to choose from, but i am trying to narrow it down. Gifts are getting made and i want them to remain a surprise for the recipient, so posting pics of them will have to wait till after Christmas. Boo hoo! i am so excited by some of them i want to share.  In the last six months that i have started crafting and sewing, i have learned so many things. i will share some of my favorites-

Heat n Bond- who knew making an applique could be made so easy!

Freezer paper- had no idea what this was, basically one sided wax paper; i tried to find it at a craft store and the lady told me just to look at the grocery store. Great for making stencils for fabric and probably many other things i haven’t figured out yet!

And most of all learning how to actually use more than just a straight stitch on the sewing machine!

So if i’m not posting things regularly, it just means the Christmas list is getting finished!

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  1. sharon price permalink
    October 20, 2009 1:03 am

    Oh man….I can’t stand the suspense!!!!

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