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Boo Boo Cold Pack

November 6, 2009

These make great little gifts or stocking stuffers.

(total cost for 1 pack under $3)



Small blue ice pack (or get adventurous and use flax seeds or rice), flannel of child’s favorite character, sport, etc., velcro, and batting (i added this to give it a padded feel)


1. Cut fabric to the size of the ice pack plus some for seams & make opening side extra long for the velcro 2. Cut 2 pieces of batting the same size just a little bit shorter where you will put velcro 3. Fold opening side of pack over to create a finished edge and sew  4. Sew  velcro onto finished edges on the wrong sides of fabric 5. Stack – batting, fabric right side up, then fabric right side down, then batting and sew around the 3 sides. 6. Turn right sides out and stick in ice pack.


Inside view

This is sure to make any boo boo better quick! Would be even funner packaged with a box of character bandaids.

Boo Boo Pack

Add a gift tag with a personalized poem or use this one-

We hope you don’t get too many boo boos, but when you do ,grab your boo boo pack to keep you from getting blue.



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