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Skirt Week Challenge

June 9, 2010

Crafterhours is hosting a skirt week… Here is my version of a layered ruffle skirt.

A friend asked me to make her daughters some skirts with layered ruffles.  i wanted three tiers of ruffles so i  ended up using this tutorial and adding another layer to the bottom. Here are the sizes of the pieces i used for a 3/4T size:

Fabric A- 4×13.5 and 6×30

Fabric B  4×13.5 and 5×30

Fabric C 4×13.5 and 4×30

Cut 2 pieces of every size. Then just follow the tutorial as described, but add the Fabric C to the bottom, the same way Fabric B was attached to Fabric A. 

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  1. Momo permalink
    February 28, 2012 10:02 pm

    Thank you for the measurement for each layers!
    I love your fabric choices, they are both very cute.

  2. February 10, 2013 5:43 pm

    Hi, I love the skirt but I don’t see the tutorial only the pieces to cut.

  3. February 11, 2013 4:27 pm

    There is a link to the crafterhours website with the full tutorial I used

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